is a independent group of dedicated game developers and the makers of

We create games for mobile & VR!

game development

We work with a flexible staff of dedicated game developers!

Our profound knowledge in conceptual approaches and throughout the different production phases allows us to deliver the ideal solution for your game and your mobile players.


Tailored solutions

Before we start the actual development of your game app, we will work closely with your team to create a solid mobile app strategy based on your idea.



Key services:

- concept

- prototyping

- production

- testing


user interface design

Functionality and Design go hand in hand!


Our innovative design will ensure that gameplay meets the needs of the player, so that he will enjoy the visual experience and navigate easily through all game screens.

We can also work closely with your brand team to ensure that the app meets your guidelines.


Our extensive experience in UX design enables us to analyse and perfect the ‘usability flow’ throughout your app, from the logo to every individual menu button.



Code library and Creative Code


Our ready to use code library allows us to deliver products with a constant high quality. The implementation is standardised and saves production time.


In addition we create the nescessary code to enable all features of your setup.


Key services:

- C# and JS coding

- cross platform compiling

- local network connections

- TCP / UDP internet connection

app distribution

Cross platform apps

We compile your app for whatever platform you want to target:

- PC, Mac, Linux Standalone
- Android
- iOS

- Web (HTML5 or plugin)


Selling points

We take care of all steps needed to upload your app to selling points and make it available to a maximum range of users and devices.


Social Networking

We develop strategies to manage and maintain the social network pages linked to your app.  -  gaming apps for mobile devices

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