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Naturalist VR

Virtual Reality Inverse Kinematics Prototype

Canal Run

Canal Run is  available NOW for

Canal Run

Run'n'Dive in colourful Canal World!


★Dive down to find the treasure chest!
★Collect coins to buy items!
★Dive longer with oxygen bottles!
★Explore the different canal worlds!
★5 Characters!
★Online Highscores!



Popformer 3D

Popformer 3D is available NOW for:

Popformer 3D

Jump'n'Run in popping 3D


BACs Match

BACs Match is available NOW for

BACs Match

BACs Match is a mobile device game we are currently developing from scratch.

We are currently in alpha testing phase.


In BACs Match, there are 3 bacteria - in 3 colors - with 3 fillings - in 3 sizes - thus a total of 81 different BACs.
You and your friends take turns to try and collect as many BACs as you can. But in order to score points, all the BACs you pick up in a single turn must have at least one feature in common. Think of it as a 'Memory' with more features and therefore more combination possibilities.


To learn how to play, follow the in-game tutorial and discover the rules step by step.


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